Supports multiple operators, branches and locations. Manage all your branches and locations from one place.

For Internet Service Providers, retaining customers and growing business has become a challenge in today's cut throat competition. Customer's expectations are sky rocketing and the package rates are dropping every day. Customers are not only demanding high speed but also expecting maximum up time. Managing these expectations with available staff and resources is only possible with the help of a software designed specifically for ISP industry.

Key Features
  • Customer Complaints Tracking
  • Billing & Payments
  • Reports
  • Customer Account management
  • Continuous Data Backups

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    Never leave a Customer Complaint Unattended.

    Not attending a customer complaint in timely manner is one of the biggest reasons for loosing customers. With the help of our software, you can make sure no complaint is left unattended.

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    Internet Subscriber Management

    Create various internet access plans, assign them to customers. Auto generate invoices and track payments. Customers can view their usage and billing online.

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    Generate various reports to analyze the available data. It not only helps to visualize location's progress but also can help improving the service.

Premium Features

Generates audit logs. Maintains history of all customer records, complaints, invoices, and payments

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